Three New Meta Blogs Launched

  • Patrick Riffini’s 2008 Presidential Wire, the first news aggregator and buzz tracker devoted to the next Presidential campaign.

  • John Hawkins’ Conservative Grapevine is looks at the the right side of the blogosphere and feature daily links to some of the best posts made by right-of-center bloggers.

  • Josh Marshall’s TPMCafe is a liberal collaborative weblog powered by the community program (Scoop) behind DailyKos. The site hosts both blogs and public discussion areas. TPMCafe doesn’t look like one of the hundreds of cookie cutter Scoop sites on the ‘net, which is a big plus..

Check them out…

Update: I knew that actually putting a number in the title would be the ‘kiss of death,’ as I’ve been reminded of a 4th meta blog – The Cotillion, featuring some of the finest female bloggers on the ‘net.

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