Senators May "Have Nothing On" Galloway, But Blogger Does

Nearly two weeks ago I wondered if Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) and Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) were playing a bit of rope-a-dope with British MP George Galloway during his blustery and confrontational testimony before a Senate committee looking into the UN Oil-For-Food scandal. Galloway’s bombastic performance was widely seen as running circles around Coleman’s Senate committee. If Coleman and Levin were laying a perjury trap they sure haven’t tipped their hand in that regards as of yet.

The American Spectator notes the work of blogger George Gooding in tracking down what appears to be a bald-face lie, told under oath, by Mr. Galloway. In much the same way that bloggers tracked down Jeff Gannon’s gay prostitution past, Gooding uses the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to show that Galloway never “emblazoned” his oil dealing associate (Fawaz Zureikat) over his charity web site.

With all due RESPECT, Mr. Galloway… [SEIXON]

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