Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone!

This morning, I looked at three separate stories out of Massachusetts. All involved sex and schools. Naturally, my prurient interests were aroused.

In the first case, a father was outraged when his 12-year-old daughter came home with a “health risk” survey. One of the questions she was being asked was “how many oral sex partners she has had.”

In the second case, a principal and group of teachers decided to give a retiring colleague a unique gag gift. Inpsired by the “Calendar Girls,” they posed in towels (over swimsuits) in and around the school after hours for a calendar to give their friend. But when the photographer was informed she was not having her contract renewed a few months later, she retaliated and filed a formal complaint against the principal. The school board is planning a hearing on the matter soon.

In the third story, three Methuen teenage boys have been suspended from school, banned from buses, and are facing felony charges for surrounding and groping a girl on a school bus. If convicted, the boys will have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Now here comes the part that is challenging my brain. To my way of thinking, someone asking a 12-year-old girl the particulars of her sex life (presuming she has one) ought to be locked up. Instead, the Commonwealth is paying people to do this. And while what the staff of North Andover school did was a bit risque and inappropriate, it was entirely private until one person decided to use it to get even with those she saw had wronged her.

And which incident is more likely to have led the boys to surround and assault that girl? Apparently, it was the teachers with the camera, not the perverts with the survey.

Maybe this would be clearer if I had kids. But god, I hope not.

(12:45: Update: Link in 3rd story fixed; no longer leads to imdb.com. Thanks to Irenefingirene for catching my error.)

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