Excuse Me While I Geek Out…

I’ve been playing with the cool stuff included in Six Apart’s new article on speeding up Movable Type. I’d already switch to dynamically generated archive pages, but even so I was able to find some good speed tips. The best are those related to pagination. I’ll have to admit that is one feature of pMachine’s Expression Engine that I’ve been longing for. There is a Movable Type plugin for pagination, but it doesn’t work with dynamic pages. Fortunately the solution was available using the Smarty rendering engine included in MT 3.x.

On another technical note I finally had the “aha” moment concerning Wizbang’s redesign. All I can say is it’s and “thinking outside of the box” kind of idea. Some of the changes I’ve been making to (both visible and behind the scene) are in preparation for the new layout. The new layout is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to changes though. I’ll have more to say about those changes later. It will be the Wizbang you know and (hopefully) love, just more so…

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