"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

I just heard a woman interviewed on the radio. She was terribly upset about what she considered a horrible situation of police misconduct. “The police are supposed to protect us against vigilantes. But in New Ipswich and Hudson, the vigilantes have guns and badges.”

I was disturbed. I’ve known small-town cops, and sometimes they can be abusive and swayed by their power. It’s almost a cliche’, the power-drunk small-town cop.

Oh, it’s that story again. The horrible violation of human rights committed in those two towns? They found people driving without a license. Then, when they discovered they were also illegal aliens, they arrested them for trespassing.

That’s right. That same old story. Police who are hired to enforce the law are lambasted for actually doing that.

Yesterday was a busy day for New Ipswich’s Chief Garrett Chamberlain. He was given a plaque by a group of New Hampshire legislators, who have recently formed the New Hampshire House of Representatives Immigration Caucus, for his efforts to address the illegal immigration problem. And just as they finished up, he met with about 30 protestors (including the woman I quoted above), who presented him with a petition telling him he shouldn’t concern himself with the laws regarding immigration.

But back to that woman. I just looked up the word “vigilante,” and it’s defined as “one who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one’s own hands.” That seems to me that it pretty much excludes police officers from being vigilantes.

I wish to hell that this woman, her fellows at the “protest,” and a few annoying commenters here would simply be honest and spell out what they do want, instead of simply whining and name-calling.

I can understand why they’re reluctant to do so. It’s easier to attack the other side than put up your own proposals. It requires a bit too much effort to actually come up with their own plan and defend it; why not simply keep attacking the other side’s positions until they either put up something acceptable or simply give up? I spelled out my own plan here. Let’s hear some alternate plans.

If you actually have them.

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