Huffington Post Star Sighting – Tim Robbins

Never mind that erstwhile HuffPo non-contributing contributor Warren Beatty was making news over the weekend attacking California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s been an actual Hollywood star sighting at HuffPo; writer, director, actor, partner of Susan Sarandon – Tim Robbins.

Unfortunately that’s were the good news for Arianna Huffington ends. It’s bad enough that Nuke LaLoosh’s first HuffPost was a commercial for his forthcoming film, but you’d think that Arianna could have talked him into giving a little more effort than his mailed in PR piece. You’d think, but you’d be wrong…

Tim Robbins: Embedded Live: A Moment Captured – [HuffPo]
Embedded Live – Directors Comments – [PDF]

[Hint: Minus the title line and the gratuitous plug line at the end; they’re identical.]

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