Parent Blogs Get Noticed

The Washington Times has a nice article on parent (and baby) blogs today. One of the bloggers featured mentioned an interesting point.

Dawn Friedman of Columbus, Ohio, is one of the parenting blog pioneers. Her blog, This Woman’s Work , has been online since January 2001. Ms. Friedman has written about her pregnancy losses, her career as a free-lance writer, home-schooling her son, Noah, and the adoption of her daughter, Madison, a year ago.

“It helps to have a plot,” Ms. Friedman says. “My hits were much higher leading up to Madison’s adoption.”Dave Sifry at Technorati says there’s 125,000 parent blogs. That’s a whole lot of blogs from which to get noticed, so it would seem that If you’re telling a story in bite size chunks a story line, or at least the occasional indication of the beginning and end of phases would be helpful. The nice thing about pregnancy and childhood is that each year comes with it’s own set of topics, like the “terrible twos,” etc., allowing for an ever evolving story line.

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