Web Etiquette For Newbies

Hotlinking images is bad. Hotlinking images is defined as using the graphic image of an external site in your own code. If you work off the assumption that the hotlinker doesn’t know that what they’re doing is a bad thing, Redstate gives a text book example of how to deal with a sites that hotlink your images

Click image to see in context

There’s a word for that… The word is:


It’s all fine and good to give a hotlinker a break, but the best way to turn newbie hotlinkers into respectable Interweb citizens is a dose of public embarrassment.

The Huffington Post probably got the message…

Update: Several items worth mentioning…

  1. According to e-mails I got from both Mike Krempsasky and Andrew Breitbart, the folks at Redstate got a very nice apology from The Huffington Post team.

  • Based on some question in the comment section and via e-mail contact, that point of the story (What is “hotlinking,” and why is it bad?) seems to be of interest.

  • Additionally the point wasn’t to punish anyone at HuffPo, but to use the incident to raise awareness overall. In that regards including the name of the HuffPo author (Newswire stories carry no byline) was a mistake on my part. It served no purpose other than to show that I could unearth it. Though it’s now removed, I’m sorry I originally published the author name.

  • The rest of the comments concern the p0wn3d vs pwn3d debate. I’ll just say without the “0” it doesn’t work for me visually…

  • Some have suggested using “vivid” pictures if your images are being hotlinked – a time honored FARK tradition. Wikipedia has a big collection if that’s your thing…

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