The Hunt For Osama bin Laden Heats Up

From the excellent news aggregator Watching America comes this article from the Asia Times:

ISLAMABAD (May 14, 2005) – Both Pakistani and US intelligence believe that they are hot on the heels of Osama bin Laden, after his trail went cold months ago.

“Both the US and concerned Pakistani authorities are positive that in the coming days we shall be around Osama bin Laden,” a senior Pakistani official told Asia Times Online in an exclusive interview, speaking on condition of anonymity.

…”I am not part of any strategic community, but my political acumen suggests that in the present drive we will find Osama bin Laden in our tribal areas, and I am sure we will soon … we should try to push him to the other side of the border and then let US troops arrest him. He should not be arrested by or in Pakistan. Because if that happens, I tell you that the Pakistan army will lose its honor among the masses forever, and at the same time there would be retaliation against the government beyond our comprehension, and in that process anything is possible, real terrorism, bloodshed and even revolution,” he continued.

…”I am the person who is monitoring things very closely, and I see the arrest of bin Laden not very far away, this is the same opinion of the US authorities following al-Libbi’s arrest. But whether it will bury extremism once and for all, or spark it, is a different debate,” the Pakistani functionary commented.The Pakistani official highlights the potential problem with capturing bin Laden rather than killing him. A dead bin Laden would be a martyr to extremists world-wide, but a captured bin Laden would be a hot potato the likes of which the western world has seldom seen.

Count me in the “the only good bin Laden is a dead bin Laden” category…

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