Manchester United Fans Threaten "Sheer Pandemonium" Over Takeover

Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcom Glazer is public enemy #1 in Britain after gobbling up shares in the sports worlds most valuable franchise, English football club Manchester United. His 75% stake allows him the freedom to take the club private, without having to seek approval from other shareholders. British media coverage has been apocalyptic…


Fan reaction has been equally un-restrained…

“We won’t do anything that endangers safety, but they may have to draft in the army to police the match,” said Oliver Houston, vice-chairman of Shareholders United. The suggestions range from sheer pandemonium, to hurling thousands of beach balls on the pitch, to a Gandhi-esque protest of people just walking onto the field and sitting down.”

Given the commingled history of hooliganism and English football fans, hoping for a Gandhi-style love-in appears to be as foolhardy as striking matches in a firework factory…

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