Screw my sick kid, just gimme my weed

There’s a rather appalling story in the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune today. It seems that a Nashua, NH father taking his 4-year-old son for chemotherapy in Lebanon, NH took a slight detour through Lawrence, MA. And he must of been jealous of the boy, because he decided to get some drugs of his own — police busted him while he was trying to buy some pot.

(A brief geography lesson might be helpful for readers outside of New England: Lawrence is about 40 minutes east and a little south of Nashua; Lebanon is about 2 hours northwest of Nashua. And presuming he decided to take the trip to Lebanon after scoring his pot in Lawrence, that would have been about another 2 hours.)

After police arrested Mr. Smith, they discovered the boy waiting in his car. And after contacting the boy’s mother, she came and got him and took him for his treatment. According to her, the boy has a form of cancer that is fatal about 80% of the time.

I can almost understand the father’s motivation — the likely loss of a child can be devastating, and maybe he needs a little chemical solace right about now. But this asshole decided to put his own comfort ahead of his boy’s already-slim chance at survival.

Unfortunately, Mr. Smith swallowed the suspected drugs, so he’s not likely to be charged with drug possession. They’ve got him up on a few other counts, though, and I hope like hell they toss a child-endangerment charge on top of that. And Mrs. Smith kicks his sorry ass to the curb posthaste.

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