Beaten to the punch

Sometimes timing is everything…

Last night, I had a post almost all written out in my head. I was comparing the “insurgents” in Iraq to the Democrats in Washington, and it was not overly kind. The key element is that neither group seems to have any goals or plans or vision of its own, preferring to simply oppose whatever George W. Bush wants or says. Further, since both have failed when confronting him directly, they’ve turned their wrath on those who support him (Iraqi civilians, presidential nominees). It was quite a good piece, if I dare say so myself, rather biting, yet never crossing the line into calling the Democrats terrorists.

Then, before I got around to actually finishing and posting it, I read this piece by John over at Power Line.

John had read a New York Times piece discussing pretty much what I was going to say — there seems to be a lack of what the previous President Bush called “the vision thing” among Zarqawi and his ilk. They don’t appear to have an overall plan or goal set (like the Soviet Union’s Socialist World Revolution, Hitler’s Fortress Europa for the Master Race, and Imperial Japan’s Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, just to name three such from the previous century), and the Times is troubled — how can we defeat the enemy if we don’t know their goals, so we can properly deny them from achieving them?

John has his own explanation just what is behind their actions, and it while I’m not quite ready to endorse it, it does meet the basic tests — it matches the available evidence without being overly complicated. And it passes Occam’s Razor — when presented with a multitude of solutions to a problem, the simplest is often the correct one.

While I’m a little annoyed at John for ruining my piece, I’m also a bit grateful to him. I was on the verge of drawing a comparison between the Democrats in Washington and the terrorists in Iraq, and that was a smidgen extreme, even for me. While I think they are myopic, obstructionist, contrarians, deluded, and wrong-headed, (and in a few cases, loathsome and despicable), to compare duly elected American officials with those who torture and behead innocents for no other real reason than to simply get their sick jollies is crossing a line I’d rather not.

But I reserve the right to change my mind the next time Teddy Kennedy staggers to the microphone and starts blathering in that particularly idiotic way of his, just to cite one example.

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