The 10 Spot – Every Picture Tells A Story Edition

Ten stories you may have missed…

  1. Bikini-clad realtor’s billboard sparks controversy – [NBC4] (billboard)

  2. Police search for giant wiener [Backcountry Conservative] (pic)

  3. If your ex-girlfriend hangs 300 nude pictures of you at school and you get back together with her, you must be hung like a mule [NBC10]

  4. Having solved all the rest of the country’s problems, Congress seeks to ban fake penises. [Rueters] (NSFW picture)

  5. Dude, where’s my finger?” [AP Photo]

  6. Capital Hill evacuation gets the Drudge photo treatment [Wonkette]

  7. Never make a bet with student involving insects… []

  8. Oh the humanity!!! A truck carrying hauling 2,000 cases of beer flipped over and unleashed a sea of suds onto Canada’s busiest highway. A reader e-mailed this picture which while sad, isn’t of the scene. I’ve now found a video (Windows Media) of the accident scene – [Rueters]

  9. Everyone’s favorite tinfoil-hatted boxing announcer cites Democratic Underground as “Various statisticians.” Unfortunately a picture of Lampley donning a tin foil hat are not yet available… – [Jim Lampley]

  10. Proof that starting a whisper campaign to imply your opposition is a slack-jawed yokel with a hillbilly accent is bound to blow-up in your face. [VA Conservative]

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