A prelude to war?

New Hampshire’s current least favorite visitor, Jorge Mora Ramirez, an illegal alien from Mexico who was arrested for trespassing in New Ipswich, is back in the news today. This time, though, he’s letting his lawyer do his talking.

Ramirez’ mouthpiece, attorney Mona Movafaghi, is talking. And if I had any doubts as to her agenda, they’ve been dispelled.

Oh, where shall I begin? It’s a cornucopia of scummery.

“If (Chamberlain) feels like this is his mission in life, he should join ICE,” she said, referring to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the federal agency charged with enforcing immigration law.

Chamberlain is the chief who charged Ramirez with criminal trespassing. Apparently Ms. Movafaghi objects to a police chief enforcing all the laws — she’d rather he selectively choose which to enforce in his jurisdiction. And if other law enforcement agents fail in their duties, Chamberlain should simply shrug and let it slide.

Immigration authorities are “told to target criminals, terrorists and people who are causing trouble,” the attorney said.

Excuse me? What part of “illegal” don’t you understand in the phrase “illegal alien,” ma’am? He entered into this country illegally, so he’s by definition a criminal.

“The police chief is saying a person who is traveling on public roads has no right to do so if they are in the U.S. illegally . . .,” she said. “If you are from Milford, can you be on the roads in New Ipswich?” Movafaghi said. “Where does it end? The immigration laws make the determination on who’s here illegally, not the police chief,” she said.

Here’s a hint, Ms. Movafaghi. If you are in the U.S. illegally, you are liable to be arrested and deported anywhere, at any time. There is no “goal” you can run to and tag. You can’t call “sanctuary” wherever you like.

And it ends at ILLEGAL ALIENS. If you are from Milford, you are most likely a legal resident of the United States and therefore not trespassing within the United States. If you are an illegal alien, you simply have NO RIGHT to remain here.

But don’t worry. Ms. Movafaghi knows MUCH more about this than any of us. Just listen to her:

“I think people don’t understand the state of immigration in New Hampshire . . . both illegal and legal. If there is an issue in a small state like New Hampshire, you can imagine the problems in New York and Florida,” she said.

…and just how will keeping your client here in the country illegally help this situation, Ms. Movafaghi? I guess I’m not “educated” on the matter enough to grasp the nuances.

And what Movafaghi chooses to not address is just as telling as what she does say.

Movafaghi declined to comment on whether she is being paid by the Mexican Consulate, Ramirez or working pro bono. The Mexican Consulate in Boston did not return calls for comment.

I’ll repeat what I said before: if the Mexican government is arguing (through Ms. Movafaghi) that its residents have a legal right to enter the United States at will, and are not bound to respect the immigration laws of the United States, then they are violating the sovereignty of the United States. And that is an act of war.

I’m not calling for us to declare war on Mexico (yet), but if reminding Mexico of the ramifications of their actions is what it takes to get them to stop this invasion, so be it.

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