Under The Weatherman


Former Washington D.C and Miami weatherman, Bill Kamal, is spending 5 years in federal prison after entering a guilty plea to charges brought based on his arrest as a part of Operation Predator, a Immigration and Customs Enforcement program that has resulted in over 4,000 arrests nationwide for crimes such as; child pornography, enticement, sex trafficking of children, and sexual abuse. Now Kamal claims that even thought he plead guilty, Kamal claims he did wrong was fooling around on a computer and want to help a troubled teen.

As Steve H. at Hog On Ice notes Kamal’s story might sympathetic at first, but the more you learn about his crime, and the more you listen to his logic-challenged denial of the reality of his situation, the more you’ll conclude he’s an asshole who got what he deserved. Additional background information on the story is available via this archived Miami Herald story.

Local 10 New’s exclusive jailhouse interview with Bill Kamal – [Part 1, Part 2, Part 3]

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