Power Grab

Whenever I find myself groping for a topic to write about, I just turn to the Massachusetts congressional delegation for inspiration. That Dirty Dozen of Democrats has almost never let me down — and this time, more literally than usual.

Congressman Barney Frank is an openly-gay man who represents Massachusetts. He has a rather checkered past with his choice of liaisons. (But not as bad as his former colleague, Representative Gerry Studds, who plied a 17-year-old page with spiked cranberry juice before having his way with the young man — an act that earned him a censure from the House.) Frank, for example, once shared his home with a gentleman who supported himself through was a male prostitute, listed in the ads as “Hot Bottom.”

Congressman Frank ended that relationship, but apparently still has an eye (and hand) for the occasional Hot Bottom.

All joking aside, can you imagine the uproar if this was a heterosexual congressman patting the ass of a woman running for congress? Worse, a heterosexual Republican congressman? Even if the woman were to say that she didn’t object to it, the media would go positively apeshit over it in an uproar that would put the Robert Packwood mess to shame. And poor Arnold Schwarzenegger…

I’ve long been a supporter of gay rights (I’ve publicly endorsed gay marriage here a couple of times), but it seems here’s a case where being gay entitles you to more rights than a heterosexual.

I demand equality. I want to be able to grab asses in public whenever I want to without being pilloried. But alas, I don’t think it’ll happen any time soon.

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