Jackass Watch – Stray Aircraft Edition

To the Senators whining that they had to walk next to commoners and they did not have a clear evacuation plan… Guess what knuckle heads, who’s in charge??? YOU GUYS. If you want to whine about the evacuation procedure, blame yourself.

To the jackass reporter pestering Scott McClellan, YES all aircraft have radios. NO we don’t let planes just fly around with no radios. Do you have a brain?

To News Editors… Can you PLEASE make your reporters learn a little about aviation? Right now, airplanes are just a wee bit important to the national security. Do you think maybe your reporters (at least if they reach the national level) could learn a wing from a transponder? Is it too much to ask?

To the Whitehouse Press corps. I really don’t care if you had to evacuate and your toes hurt. I also don’t care if you were scared and felt your life was in danger. DUH you work at the Whitehouse during a war… (remember the war?) be lucky this is the biggest things that ever happened. If you don’t want the “danger” of the job go back to Iowa.

To FoxNews. please tell John Loftus that he has to stop taking 3 martini lunches then getting on the air and making a jackass out of himself. I know you guys were caught without a guest but having someone who advocates shooting down aircraft 75 miles from the Whitehouse is a moron. We would have shot down hundreds of lost aircraft in the last 3 years INCLUDING the Gov of Kentucky. I knew more about aviation when I was 12 then this guy. Please never let him talk about aircraft again. He’s a federal prosecutor… Let him talk about the Michael Jackson case, not aviation. He was an embarrassment to FoxNews.

To most everyone else on cable news, please learn the difference between mountains and molehills. Geeze people, it was a stray aircraft. Pilots get lost too.

Sorry, my stupidity tolerance level has been far exceeded by the stupidity coming from cable news networks… I had to vent.

Under The Weatherman
Whitehouse Evacuated -- Unknown Aircraft in Area


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