A proven hypothesis

A little while ago, a study came out that said that cell phones tend to age people who talk on them while driving. I kind of shrugged it off at the time as no big deal.

This morning, I saw it in action. And those guys got it right. In spades.

On my commute this morning, I was passed by a 20something guy in a little red Hyundai coupe (a Tiburon, if you must know — Hyundai’s idea of a “sporty” car). I pulled behind him and let him get me through the morning commute.

Then I noticed that his right directional (indicating that he wanted to get back in the right lane of traffic) was on, so I slowed down a bit to give him more room to pull out of my way.

But he didn’t. He just kept driving along in the left lane, passing cars freely.

He ended up driving 17.6 miles (I kept track) with his right blinker on and a cell phone welded to his ear.

Of course, that was when I got off the highway. For all I know, he’s still barreling down the road in the left lane, right blinker flashing forlonly, even now, over 12 hours later.

He might as well get out the curb feelers and the door-edge bumpers.

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