John Kerry, Outsider

This morning’s Boston Globe has a puff-piece about John Kerry (isn’t THAT a surprise) as he positions himself for another run for the presidency in 2008. It seems that Kerry is trying to position himself as the outsider, challenging the Washington establishment on behalf of the little man.

I’ll let others mock him for that. I’ll let others discuss his 20 years in the Senate, his dumping of his first heiress wife largely because she eschewed the spotlight, his marrying a second heiress worth twice what the first one was worth and who had experience as a Senator’s wife to boot, his many homes around the world, all the other elements that would seem to cast doubt on his ability to empathize with the common man.

I can see him as a Washington outsider. After all, during his last run for the presidency, he missed so many roll call votes that it’s possible a good chunk of the Washington establishment forgot he was a senator at all. He’s probably been going around DC having to re-introduce himself (“yeah, I remember you. Didn’t you used to be in the Senate or something?”), dust off his desk, update his ID, have somebody’s car towed from his assigned parking space, and so on.

Maybe he ought to do one of those credit card ads on a DC television station, where he holds up his card and asks “do you know who I am?” After all, it’s a phrase he’s apparently used quite a bit.

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