The 10 Spot – Miscellaneous Edition

Ten miscellaneous stories you may have missed on your voyages around the internet…

  1. Now you can have your very own invitation to the wedding of runaway bride Jeniffer Wilbanks and John Mason via eBay.
  • USA Today on Paris Hilton’s new movie (House of Wax), – When Hilton got a pointed object through her skull, the audience cheered.”
  • Cleveland Brown tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr. is in a world of hurt, and his $50 million dollar contract is in jeopardy. Winslow’s contract prohibits him from engaging in activities such as motorcycle-riding. Winslow tore his ACL in a motorcycle accident this week…
  • Dave Chappelle is going bat-shit crazy, and his $50 million dollar contract is in jeopardy too. [Defamer]
  • Scientists say earth’s air is cleaner, but that cleaner air may worsen the greenhouse effect. Now you can burn fossil fuels guilt-free!!! [Nature]
  • Unscrupulous lap dancers face a class action Texas. [WaveMaker]
  • A middle school has forbidden its marching band from playing an instrumental version of “Louie Louie”…because of the song’s supposedly raunchy lyrics.
  • Ball State journalism student Brian Collins’ sportscast is legendary for it’s cringe-inducing badness. Don’t miss his attempt to deliver his SportsCenter-like signature line, “He passes it to the man, he shoots it — and boom goes the dynamite.” [Video]
  • David Armand of the English sketch troop The Hollow Men, performs a hilarious pantomiming “sign language” to Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” The Hollow Men are stars of the eponymous new Comedy Central show, which reviewers have been lukewarm about. [Wizbang Media]
  • Video of Canadian singer Caroline Marcil’s national anthem flubs and falls last month. [Wizbang Media]
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