Dole's still got it

Last night, I got a chance to hear former Senator Bob Dole being interviewed to plug his new book. It was a refreshing reminder that Dole has a wicked sense of humor, which was tragically suppressed during his run for President in 1996.

I’ve often wanted an excuse to steal Dole’s line after he lost the 1976 election as Gerald Ford’s vice-presidential candidate. When asked how he handled the night after the election, he said “I slept like a baby. Every two hours I woke up and cried.”

Anyway, Dole used the opportunity to trot out a couple of stock lines he’s prepared to discuss his book. When he’s asked why his book is so much shorter than Bill Clinton’s, despite being so much older, he says “I didn’t have as much to explain.” And when he’s asked to compare his book to Hillary Clinton’s, he replies “you can’t compare them. Mine’s non-fiction.”

Bob Dole, for all his other flaws, is a genuine American hero and genuinely funny man. I regret not voting for him in 1996.

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