NC Restaurant Specializes In Finger Food

In Wilmington, N.C, Clarence Stowers got more than he bargained for when he ordered a chocolate custard at the drive through window of Kohl’s restaurant. Stower’s custard also contained the fingertip of a Kohl’s employee, something he learned a bit too late.

“I’m sick at my stomach. I just can’t get that taste out of my mouth,” Stowers said.

This isn’t Kohl’s first case of serving finger food to customers, last year a different employee lost a fingertip in the same machine. Guards were installed over the blade, but apparently they weren’t sufficient to prevent the restaurant from intentionally serving a chunky version of the chocolate custard again.

PR officials at Wendy’s are expected to have wicked hangovers tomorrow…

Officials Investigate Finger Found in Custard [WECT]

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