Thief scores three-fer

Over the weekend in Wareham, Massachusetts, this 17-year-old punk allegedly smashed in the door of a convenience store and took off with a bunch of lottery tickets.

Now, apparently he didn’t know that the stores keep track of all the tickets they have, and the Lottery can cancel any stolen tickets before they’re redeemed.

It turns out that one of the tickets he boosted was worth $25,000. Another was worth $4,000,000.

Let’s add up the cost of this robbery. Honest players are deprived of the chance to win those prizes, enriching the state’s coffers. The store is out the repair costs of the door. And worst of all, the store is also out the $15,000 bonus it would have received for selling that winning ticket.

The punk is under arrest, and authorities say he’s also a suspect in several other similar robberies.

I hope the store owner sues him and his family hard enough to make their ears bleed.

(Update: more current details here)

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