News flashes: Bears crap in woods, Pope Catholic, Boston Globe still PC

Yesterday, there was a rally in Boston in support of expanded state sanction for illegal aliens, and the Boston Glob (which is owned by the New York Times) was on the scene. Let’s take a look at the numbers:

Citations of illegal aliens as “undocumented”: 2
Citations of illegal aliens as “illegal:” 1
Citations of illegal aliens as “illegal” outside of a quote from a rally opponent: 0
Deliberate blurring of the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants: 2
Number of sympathetic supporters quoted: 3
Number of hostile critics quoted: 2
Side that gets the last word in: Supporters

Now, let’s look at some of the “rights” these people want to give to illegal aliens:

1) Drivers’ licenses. I think there’s been enough discussion of just how undeniably BAD an idea this is elsewhere, so I’ll not repeat those arguments.
2) In-state tuition to state colleges and universities. I have three objections that spring to mind (I can probably come up with more, but it’s early):
A) every illegal alien that receives a spot in a college is taking a spot away from an American or legal alien;
B) every person who gets the in-state rate is taking a slot away from a student that might pay the full tuition rate, depriving the system of income;
C) presuming they get the degree, what are they going to do with it? The presumption behind tuition breaks is that the student will stay in the state and work, repaying the state through taxes. The illegal alien CAN NOT LEGALLY WORK IN THE STATE, or anywhere else in the state.

Now, let’s leave reality and deal with a hypothetical case. I am a legal resident of the United States. (In fact, I’m a natural citizen.) I live and work in New Hampshire, but let’s presume I happened to find a new job in Massachusetts (shudder). I would be legally obligated to pay Massachusetts taxes, but I would not be entitled to a Massachusetts driver’s license, breaks on in-state tuition, or any other benefits of being a LEGAL resident of Massachusetts. But these people at the rally want to give greater rights to people who are here ILLEGALLY than I would be entitled to, as an AMERICAN.

Sometimes, I wonder if we New Hampshirites ought to set up our own “Minuteman Project” to protect OUR southern border from the rampant Political Correctness (read: insanity) from continuing to creep north.

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