Let's vote them off Manhattan Island

One of the problems with a “pure” democracy, as has often been pointed out, is that it usually lasts only until 51% of the people realize they can screw over the other 49% with impunity. It’s one of the reasons I’m glad the United States is a constitutional republic, and not a pure democracy.

You can see the problems with pure democracy if you’ve ever attended a town meeting in New England. Every now and then, a group of residents will decide they want something, and run roughshod over their opponents — often those who believe they are being exploited.

But if you really, REALLY want to see what happens when a pure democracy is utterly exploited, just look at the United Nations General Assembly. Every single government is considered an equal to each of the others, regardless of how they gained power, how they treat their citizens, or how they treat their neighbors.

It’s that sort of belief that leads to such absurdities as Zimbabwe, currently under severe economic sanctions for its treatment of its own people, can be re-elected to the Human Rights Commission.

It’s that sort of belief that leads to such obscenities as “Peacekeepers” becoming far more known for exploiting, abusing, raping, and murdering those they are assigned to protect. It’s getting to the point where the sight of blue helmets to refugees is about as welcome as a sushi chef to Seaworld.

It’s that sort of belief that leads to such absurdities as one nation — the United States — being liable for a full 25% of the United Nations’ annual budget, yet being utterly reviled, rejected, insulted, and denounced whenever we ask just what the hell they’re doing with all our money. And by the way, when the hell is that next check arriving?

If the United Nations is to keep any shred of relevance, it needs a thorough shaking-up. Perhaps the United States sending John Bolton to represent our interests there is a good start. He speaks their language, but more importantly, he’ll make them understand his — the language of brutal honesty.

(Other good reading: Will Franklin, here and here; Little Green Footballs, here and countless other entries)

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