Golden geese look to take wing

A couple of times before, I’ve written about Killington, Vermont’s attempts to secede from Vermont and join New Hampshire to escape what they view as abusive, confiscatory, unfair taxes.

Apparently, the thought is spreading. Sunapee, New Hampshire, is a small town of about 3,000 people in the Monadnock region of the state (south-western area). They are part of Sullivan County, but want the state to allow them to secede and join Merrimack County. Their beef: they get about 2% of county services, have about 8% of the county’s population, and pay about 25% of the county’s taxes. They feel they’re being exploited, and want it to stop.

In a similar vein, McGehee notes that Alaska is considering a law that would require cities and towns that wish to annex outlying areas to gain the assent of those who actually would be subsumed. Apparently under current Alaska law, these municipalities can find a wealthy area around them and just grab them into their tax base without even a by-your-leave, and this has aggravated some of those who have been assimilated into the collectives.

Both these moves are, to me, good things. They show a return to grass-roots government, of people asserting their individual rights and standing up to what they perceive as abuses by bigger governments.

I’m gonna predict that Sunapee’s case won’t fly, based on New Hampshire’s tendency to let things lie if they can possibly can. I think they’ll win some concessions from Sullivan County, but they won’t leave. And I don’t know enough about Alaskan politics to even speculate, but I think I’ll trust McGehee to keep us up to date.

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