Poetry blogging, take 2

Since Kevin hasn’t fired me after the first poem, and I don’t see any rampaging mobs with pitchforks outside my window (maybe I oughta doublecheck… yup, still clear), I figured I’d dust off another Jay Tea classic.

Some of the comments about my first poem I posted was that it lacked rhyme and meter, and was a bit on the dark side. I think this one addresses all three points.

This one was “inspired” (if I can use this word in this context) by a professor of mine. I originally wanted to title it “The Love Song Of Arthur X. XXX,” but I thought that would be a bit much. Even without that, everyone knew who he was — even the teacher (NOT the same guy).

I’ve found it’s best enjoyed when read aloud, in a slightly buzzing monotone.

]]>< ![CDATA[


Standing all alone.
Drone, drone, drone.

Voice dry as a bone.
Drone, drone, drone.

To sleep he makes me prone.
Drone, drone, drone.

Too bored to even moan.
Drone, drone, drone.

Vanilla ice cream cone.
Drone, drone, drone.

We’re in the twilight zone.
Drone, drone, drone.





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