More police brutality

Last week, I wrote about a case in Providence, Rhode Island where a man being questioned by the police allegedly got the officer’s gun, killed him, and jumped out a third-floor window before being caught.

It turns out Mr. Carpio either didn’t learn his lesson or refused to take his medications or something, because he started “acting up” in his cell. Four officers entered his cell to get him to calm down.

Three of those officers ended up going to a nearby clinic, and one of them was taken to a hospital. Among the the injuries the officers received were a broken vertebra, a broken eye socket, a broken jaw, and a “hyperextended” (which I think means sprained) thumb.

No word was given about any possible injuries Mr. Carpio received, but considering the attention being paid to his case, I think it’s safe to assume they were minor at worst. The police are in no mood to do anything to screw up the case for murdering Detective Sgt. James Allen a little over a week ago, and leaving his injuries untreated and unreported could put a big dent in that case.

Nonetheless, I fully expect the usual suspects to start screaming about “police brutality” and “self-defense” any minute now.

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