Losing my cool

Just the other day, I wrote a piece about how I prefer to use profanities sparingly, saving them for when I really, really need them, and no other terms will do.

And then today, this idiot decides to track back to one of my postings, stuffing two F-bombs into the title (along with “racist,” once misspelled).

I have to confess I lost a bit of my cool. I went over there and started ripping him up, and even cut loose with quite a bit of my own profanities.

I really shouldn’t have. I should be putting my time and my best efforts into writing here, not on the sites of schmucks like him. I’m going to try to keep that in mind in the future.

In the meantime, though, if you’re curious as to just how I write when I am really and righteously pissed, go take a gander. And if he decides to delete it, I’ve saved copies.

(Update: as of Friday morning, “Captain Normal” has banned me from posting any further comments on his blog. I could easily get around his block, but what set me off in the first place was his rudeness in sticking his profanities on to my piece. It would be equally uncivil of me to disregard his wishes that I absent myself from his page — a wish I am most delighted to fulfill.

It would have been nice for him to inform me of my banning, either by a comment in that thread or an e-mail, but I’m not surprised — it was his lack of civility that set this off in the first place. I’m just annoyed that I found out when my final answer to him was refused. I’m sticking it in the extended section if anyone’s curious, but be warned — I was still deferring to his custom of unfettered profanities and crassness when I wrote it.

And no, I will not be banning him from Wizbang. That’s one of the perquisites of being the winner — I can choose to be magnanimous. I may ban him in the future, if he tracks back to another piece of mine without lifting my ban — allowing the right to defend myself — or if he abuses his privilege of commenting, but I’m not pulling that trigger yet. I have ways of winning arguments without it.)

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“Try to pull you into a debate about waistlines and lawnchairs?” No, more like not letting any trace of your bullshit stand unchallenged. Perhaps you’re used to your little circle-jerks where everyone just bobs their heads in unison and blows sunshine up each others’ asses, just so golly-gee-whiz PROUD of how CORRECT and OUTRAGEOUS you are. Sometimes you forget that there’s a whole WORLD of people out there who not only disagree with you, but are ready, willing, and able to stand up and point out that your emperor has no clothes.

What appalled me the most about this, Captain Oblivious, was your appalling DISCOURTESY. As I’ve demonstrated, I have no fear for profanity — just a personal distaste (a distaste I have subsumed in my comments here out of deference to your own customs, as this is your space). But you, in your insufferable arrogance, decided to stick two “FUCKS” on to my piece with your trackback.

I don’t give a faded fart about your opinions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your writings in general. But you came into MY space and forced your crassness on to ME and MY readers. That, more than any one of your opinions (they certainly can’t be called “facts,” as you couldn’t substantiate a single one), is what triggered this whole shitstorm down on your head.

I doubt you really learned anything, though. I strongly suspect that you’ve just looked at your hit counts and blew several loads in your pants over the result of your Wizbanging. In fact, I wouldn’t be a damned bit surprised if that was your motive in the first place.

Which I suspected from the beginning.

But I weighed the satisfaction you’d gain from all the hits versus the satisfaction I’d get when I inevitably crushed you and your pathetic little pissy-fit like the inconsequential vermin they were. And after a cost-benefit analysis… well, you can see the results.

So enjoy your little Viagra treatment to your stats. Just keep telling yourself it was worth the public humiliation and utter crushing of your positions. And remember one thing — it shall not happen again.


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