Shocking! Berkeley "Laptop" Professor Caught Lying, Expected To Blame Bush

Last Wednesday the internets were abuzz with techie gossip about the stolen laptop of Berkeley professor Jasper Rine. The last few minutes of the video of his biology class contain the professor explaining the terrifying consequences that will soon befall the student that stole his laptop. BoingBoing provides a definitive video and audio links, though this transcription is the easiest way to catch the professors smackdown.

From his bio:

Although I have unlimited respect for facts, and delight in their discovery and appreciation, I have come to the obvious yet almost blasphemous view that, with respect to teaching, the facts just aren’t that important.

[and later this]

Thus, when in front of a large lecture class, I shed my self-consciousness, and throw as much energy, passion, and drama into the exchange as I can.Today The Inquirer and Engaget report the obvious – the professor is full of shit. A university spokesman admits the professor made up the whole black helicopter/black ops story in an effort to scare the thief into returning the stolen laptop. The thief

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