Woman in Wendy's Finger Case Arrested

San Jose (BCN) – Las Vegas resident Anna Ayala is facing two felony charges in connection with the piece of human finger found last month in a bowl of chili at a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose, according to court documents.

Ayala is charged with one felony count of attempted grand theft and one felony count of grand theft, according to the documents. If convicted of both charges she faces a maximum possible penalty of six years, two months in prison, Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney Karyn Sinunu said.

Ayala was arrested on Thursday in Las Vegas and is currently in custody there awaiting extradition to Santa Clara County

San Jose Police are holding a press conference this afternoon.

Live Webcast: San Jose Police press conference live 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific [CBS5]
Cops Point Finger In Wendy’s Case [AP/CBS]
DA: It’s safe to eat at Wendy’s [San Jose Mercury News]

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