We don't need no stinkin' inspection stickers!

Earlier this week, I reported about a Boston Herald investigation into unpaid parking tickets given to city-owned vehicles. It turns out that the Herald isn’t quite ready to stop chewing on that bone.

Of the nearly $27,000 in outstanding tickets, over $1,000 were for uninspected vehicles. That’s right. City workers were driving around in cars and trucks that hadn’t had their mandatory safety inspection.

Among the sticker violations were a Department of Public Works vehicle cited 16 times, a School Department vehicle tagged seven times in one month and a Transportation Department vehicle cited four times in a week.

The city’s chief of basic services, one Michael Galvin, said that sometimes things “fall through the cracks.” He also said that oft times uninspected vehicles are taken off the road until the inspection can be arranged, conveniently overlooking that a vehicle has to be ON the road to receive a ticket.

But that’s just the Massachusetts way. All the rules and taxes and fees are for the LITTLE people. It’s just not fair to expect the important people — lawmakers, judges, other public employees — to follow the same rules. After all, they’re better than the common rabble.


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