Only in Massachusetts: Boston rips itself off, ends up losing money

It’s no secret that parking in Boston can be difficult. But some people just gotta get around, and they can’t wait for a legal parking space to open up. And when those people happen to work for the city, they get cut a little more slack — they can park in no-parking zones and not bother feeding meters while they’re in a city-owned vehicle.

But that apparently isn’t good enough for some of them. They want to park in front of hydrants, on crosswalks, in handicapped spots, bus stops, or no stopping/standing zones.

The city, by some miracle, came up with a common-sense solution: workers would be responsible for any parking tickets they incur. But that was just too reasonable, so they decided to not bother enforcing that rule. Now they find themselves stuck with over $26,000 in unpaid parking tickets that it owes itself.

And here’s a real taste of irony — the most flagrant offender (and the only one named) is Joe Kelly, who’s got 30 unpaid tickets under his belt. They’re mostly for parking in a no stopping/standing zone. Mr. Kelly is the city’s Director of Off-Street Parking Facilities. You’d think if ANYONE could find a place to park, it’d be him…

I don’t have the best of records in predictions, but I’m gonna go out on a limb this time. I’m gonna say that within a couple of weeks, a couple of guys will receive public reprimands and the city will end up eating nearly all the 26 grand. In fact, nearly 12 grand has already been tossed out. And in a year or two, it’ll happen all over again.

‘Cuz that’s just the way it is in Beantown.


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