Lebanon's Pulse of Freedom

Lebanese opposition protester shouts anti-Syrian slogans during a demonstration in Beirut Martyrs square, Lebanon, Monday March 14, 2005. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese answered an opposition call for a massive protest to demand a full Syrian troop withdrawal, resignations of security chiefs and an international investigation into the death of former Premier Rafik Hariri.(AP Photo/Hussein Malla)

Pulse of Freedom is web site for Lebanon’s March to Freedom & Democracy, published by the protesters at Martyrs’ Square, Beirut, Lebanon. The group has electricity in Freedom Camp, as well as four computers and a broadband wi-fi connection. They’re publishing their blog from the heart of the struggle for freedom. The Lebanese government has 10 days to call for elections and Pulse of Freedom is a vital source of information. As Nabil Abou-Charaf writes today:

Today marks the two-month anniversary of Tent City. Five days after the assassination of Hariri on February 14th saw the construction of the first tent down at Martyrs’ Square: an expression of disgust towards this atrocious act and as a sign of respect for Hariri’s grave . It started with six youth putting up a single tent, and quickly multiplied until forty youth occupied tents by the next day. Today, the population of Tent City is 700.

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