Friendly Fire

Marla Ruzicka was opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. So much so that she started a group called CIVIC, the Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict. So much so that she travelled to Iraq to help and document every single civilian killed or injured by US forces. So much so that she focused, laser-like, on those killed by Americans and gave not the slightest attention to those killed by “insurgents” (the current popular term for terrorists).

Right up until those “insurgents” killed her.

Apparently Ms. Ruzicka used the same kind of logic that small children use when they cover their eyes. “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!” Unfortunately, the insurgents are slightly more sophisticated than your average 3-year-old.

If her organization remains consistent, expect them to announce soon that Marla Ruzicka has died in Iraq, without any elaborating details. Perhaps they’ll refer to it as a car accident.

Unless, of course, they can find a way to blame the US for her death. Perhaps the “insurgents” were targeting an American convoy, that cruelly rescheduled itself. Maybe the bomb was detonated by US jamming devices.

Yet another case of liberal racism — she believed she could blithely flit around in war zones, magically protected by her blessed white skin and cloaked with the purity of her noble intentions. After all, the insurgents are only mainly targeting people in tan uniforms and brown skin, right?

The problem is, people are grotesquely overcomplicating the situation. The “insurgents” aren’t “freedom fighters.” They aren’t interested in “driving out the foreign oppressors.” They aren’t “standing up to the invaders.”

They’re killers. That’s their main motive. They kill because they want to, need to, enjoy it. They kill our forces because once they drive us out, they can freely kill Iraqis. They kill those who help us because it’s becoming more and more expensive to try to kill us. And if they succeed, they’ll start in on killing those who sided with us, those who oppose them, those that don’t adequately support them, those that might oppose them one day. They killed Marla Ruzicka because they could, even though she was one of their best friends. They kill because that’s what they do. They did it under Saddam, and they want those days back.

And these are the people that Michael Moore call equivalent to our Founding Fathers.

These are the people who could kill as many as they liked, as far as Marla Ruzicka was concerned.

I wonder what her opinion of them would be now?


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