"Freedom of Speech" doesn't mean "Freedom From Consequences"

Kenneth Gagnon is a junior at the University of New Hampshire, majoring in journalism. And as is usually desirable in such people, he has no problem with speaking his mind. He also seemed to be on a fast track to success; he worked for the student newspaper and had a work-study job for the school’s public relations department.

And then he started blogging. He decided to publish rather coarse remarks about a campus feminist activist (that she reported to authorities as a “threat to rape her”) and he talked about work. He described his duties as “writing propaganda for the school” and talked about specific people he worked for in rather unflattering ways.

Surprise, surprise — Mr. Gagnon is no longer working for the school.

Mr. Gagnon has just learned one of the most important lessons in life — if you take the King’s gold, you play the King’s tune. And if you say bad things about the King, he might stop offering you his gold.

And before anyone cries “censorship,” let it be noted that no one tried to keep Mr. Gagnon from saying whatever he wished to say on his blog. They just decided they didn’t feel like paying him while providing him with fresh material.


Update: Story link and releated stories.

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