Double standard from a Massachusetts Democrat? Who'd'a thunk it?

Boston’s mayor, Thomas “Mumbles” Menino, is a big proponent of cutting down driving in Boston. He’s pushed for car pooling, hybrid vehicles, and even put forth a tax on driving into the city.

Recently, Hizzoner Da Mayor needed a new vehicle for tooling around town on official business. So the city forked over the money for a Ford Expedition, the second-largest SUV in the Ford stable (shadowed only by the Ford Excursion, which is occasionally mistaken for the Exxon Valdez.)

Here are the numbers on Mumbles’ new wheels:
14 MPG city mileage
28 Gallon fuel tank
Approximately $60.00 to fill up
Curb weight: 5352 lbs.
Sticker price: starting at $30,000.

I guess Hizzoner is too classy to ride around in a minivan:
18 MPG city mileage
16 Gallon fuel tank
Curb weight: 4275 lbs.
Sticker price: around $24,000.


(Note: Freestar minivan chosen to keep the comparison within the Ford family. Other minivans might be even better.)

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