British Goverment Searching For Real Life "Q"

Want to make ginzu bladed top hats, and Aston Martins submarines? The real-life version of the “Q” job in James Bond series is open.

LONDON (Reuters) – Get out the rocket launcher camera, brandish your acid-shooting fountain pen and stick on your fake third nipple.

Her Majesty’s Government has a job for you.

Britain is advertising for a new chief executive officer of the Government Communications Centre – the spy gadget lab boss known to James Bond fans as “Q”.

…In the movies, Q’s lab built everything Bond needed to escape from danger, from his Aston Martin sports car with ejector seat to the fake third nipple he used to disguise himself as villain Scaramanga in “The Man With the Golden Gun.”You’ll have to be a British citizen and get your application immediately, as today is the deadline to apply for the job.

Chief Executive Officer HM Government Communications Centre [Odgers Ray & Berndtson Executive Search]

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