The 10 Spot – BlogHer Edition

Ten stories from female bloggers you may have missed.

  1. Kate McMillan wonders if Canada’s Adscam scandal runs all the way to the top. The current PM is parsing speech like Bill Clinton in front of a grand jury [small dead animals]

  2. A badge worn with honor, Internet scold. [Ilyka Damen]

  3. Accidental Deb wonders how long it will take to stop noticing the accent. [Accidental Verbosity]

  4. “[B]arhopping is fine, if your primary hobby is getting drunk.” [sugarmama]

  5. Breast Implants and Culture Wars [Dynamist]

  6. When politically correct liberalism collides with politically correct liberalism [Althouse]

  7. The “culture of death” does not exist. Comment sections that quickly veer off into name calling still very much alive. [a small victory]

  8. PETA – The laughs just keep on coming. [Yourish]

  9. Pant suit or skirt suit for your job interview? Apparently it makes a difference. [peskyapostrophe]

  10. Paging Venomous Kate, where are you Kate? [Electric Venom]

If you’re wondering about the BlogHer in the title, it’s a reference to the BlogHer conference in July.

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