I Just Don't Get It

I fully expect stupidity to reign supreme in the comments section after this post, but I’ll post it anyway… [and I’ll put the language warning here, I’m going to quote some people verbatim.]

What is it about the Mae Magouirk case that has so many people viscerally pissed???? And for the record, I’m not being a smart ass… I no more understand it than I understand nuclear physics and I’m genuinely asking a question.

Lemme explain:

The simple mention of her name makes many people I formerly respected say the most irrational things. Not to belabor the point, but as I see it, the core problem is that this woman’s living will was being ignored….

Now I (apparently foolishly) thought universally everyone would agree that was a bad thing. Who would want their own living will ignored??? Not me.

Now I understand why the people on Ken’s side are mad… They see it as murder. Frankly many of these people are melodramatic far beyond using it as a rhetorical tool… (heh- I guess that means they’re not melodramatic they’re really dramatic!) Anyway… I’m a pretty passionate guy and they leave even me way behind in the “passion quota”, — but intellectually I get can comprehend their points.

Then comes “The Other Side” and I call them that because I can’t put a label on them. Some are conservative, some liberal, they cross gender lines etc… You can’t say of these people “Well the GAYS are against it” or the BLACKS or WHITES or CONSERVATIVES or LIBERALS etc etc….

Everyone says labels suck… but they end up being used for a reason… As a white guy, I did not agree with what many blacks said after the OJ trial but I could comprehend why they said it. This I don’t get….

Some examples: (I’ll skip naming names) Somebody put my name on an impromptu mailing list about the case… Somehow someone got on the list who did not want to be on the list. Rather than a polite request to be removed, this person (who BTW is a public figure) mailed the whole list, ““take  me off your stupid list of morons.” What’s up with that?

Another blogger called people blogging about the case :“A bunch of fucking idiots.” Yikes!

I’ve taken pounds of invective for simply blogging on the case. I just don’t get it.

Why is this group of people so viscerally annoyed that this woman might get medical treatment instead of spending her final days wasting away in a hospice??? Why the passion on the other side? Who are they mad at???

I *could* be a jerk and say “they just want this woman to die”– But I can’t believe that on a bad day. One of the “Other siders” is one of the most compassionate people in the blogosphere, but they are on the other side of this one.

Some of you know who you are. I’m not picking a fight, I don’t get your point. Email me if you don’t want to say it publicly.

Now having said the above, I do have one theory that “elegantly” explains it. But I’m not even enough of a cynic to believe it. (I might share it later)

Anyone wishing to discuss it like an adult is not only welcomed but encouraged…

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