Police Use College Intern As Undercover Stripper

Former University of Dayton Criminal Justice Studies Program student Michelle Szuhay discusses her internship experiences.

State liquor control agents in Ohio stole the identity of a Cincinnati woman using her driver’s license and Social Security number to establish a fake identity for a college student to pose as a stripper for a sting operation. The father of the woman whose identity was used (Hailey Dawson), and state legislators are upset that police are engaging in identity theft rather than enforcing Ohio’s identity theft law.

The student stripper, Michelle Szuhay (show above), was paid $100 a night to strip at the Total Xposure strip bar in Troy, Ohio. Undercover agents posing as patrons watched her Szuhay’s performances while looking for violations of liquor laws at the same time. The bar was ultimately closed, even though the undercover operation only revealed misdemeanor charges.

According to reports, Szuhay eventually became a little too friendly with the Total Xposure staff. Prosecutors charged her with perjury and obstruction of justice in the case. The charges were dropped, but prosecutors say they will be refilled.

Agents use woman’s identity in strip-bar sting [AP/Akron Beacon Journal]
Michelle Szuhay discusses her internship experience (no mention of pole dancing) [Video/Text]

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