Dibs on the dead guy — the last word

OK, OK, this topic has gone way, WAY beyond the bounds of propriety, reason, decency, or sanity. I’m gonna recap my position on last time, and then it’s OVER. Comments will be closed on all related threads. Enough already.

The Mormon Position: “We’re only doing this because we care about you. If we’re right, you’ll thank us. If we’re wrong, there’s no real harm. So, what’s the problem?”

The Jewish Position: “Regardless of your motives, we find it distasteful and offensive. Besides, whenever in our history people do things to us ‘for our own good,’ it almost inevitably turns out bad for us. Especially when it involves making lists of us. So please stop.”

At that point, simple decency and human respect should have compelled the Mormons to knock it off. If they continued to do so (which they have every legal right to, here in the US), then they simply proclaim themselves as being willfully disrespectful to the Jews’ wishes. And that — THAT — was my sole contention.

End of discussion, here.


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