Stop, thief!

I’ve been enjoying Will Franklin’s weblog for some time now. He’s a good thinker, along the lines of Wretchard of The Belmont Club and the lamentably-retired Steven Den Beste. But Will has had one annoying habit that’s starting to get on my nerves.

He tends to take topics of mine and do his own “take” on them. He did it with the “Babe Theory of Political Protests” (compare his take with mine), and now he’s gone and ripped off my piece about 527 groups.

Will, I know that the blogosphere is all about open-source journalism, and we lift from each other all the time (Lord knows I have enough times, and even got “busted” myself for not giving enough credit where it was due), but I do have two complaints.

1) Couldn’t you occasionally toss me a link, a trackback, something to acknowledge your source material?

B) When you do your own “take” on something I’ve covered, do you absolutely HAVE to do it so much better than I did? I feel inadequate enough these days, without you rubbing it in.

I’m off to the fridge. I need some cheese to go with this whine.


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