My Anniversary Gift To You…

In honor of our second anniversary I come bearing not safe for work links as gifts, which are usually the best kind…

If you’re not familiar with Vida Guerra, these 2002 pictures in FHM launched her into the top 10 most search for females on the internet.

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In case that angle doesn’t ring a bell, this one might…


Guerra, who appears in the April 2005 edition of FHM, appears to be a fan of camera phones, and by fan we me a Paris Hilton prodigy. Today someone managed to get a hold of the entire contents of her cell phone’s picture gallery. The internets will soon be begging for mercy…

Vida Guerra Webcam Pics Have Been Found! (NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

But wait there’s more…

Also celebrating an important birthday this week was Wimbledon champ Maria Sharapova, who turned 18 last weekend. Anna who?

And for the ladies? I’ve got one word for you… Hasselhoff, er… Hedgehog, whatever…

Quote Of The Day - 'Did You Ever Wonder..." Edition
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