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This morning, the Boston Globe had a rather moving story about the poor, beleaguered Brazilian population of Massachusetts. It seems they are being horribly persecuted in and by the Bay State.

It seems that they are feeling rather picked on of late. Recently, 14 Brazilians were arrested while cleaning at Logan Airport. Those arrests brought to 105 the number of Brazilians arrested in the month of March.

The spokesman for the Brazilian Immigrants Center, one Fausto da Rocha, says there are about a quarter of a million Brazilians in Massachusetts, and they are being squeezed unfairly by law enforcement.

Their crime? They’re “undocumented workers.”

Let’s look at a few selected quotes from the story.

“There’s more of them, so they’ll feel” they are being targeted, said Paula Correia, a Framingham town meeting member who is concerned about the high number of undocumented Brazilians in the city, which she puts at more than 10,000.

One city, over TEN THOUSAND illegal aliens from a single country. That’s roughly twice the size of the town I grew up in.

Fausto da Rocha said that of the quarter million or so Brazilians in the state, up to 70 percent may be undocumented.

The official spokesman says that if you grab a random Brazilian on the streets, the odds are better than two in three that they’re here illegally. That’s their OWN SPOKESMAN.

Law enforcement officials say there is a simpler explanation: So many Brazilians are being detained because of an expansive scheme exposed in 2002. Former Framingham businessman Karl K. Vasconcelos headed an identity fraud ring that sold more than 1,700 Social Security cards to illegal immigrants across the country, about 700 of them in Massachusetts.

Gee, in the days of rampant identity theft, the police are concerned about someone who sold bogus Social Security cards? Who’da thunk it?

The largest of the March roundups sprang from that case: Jose Neto, one of the Brazilians who bought a card, was one of the 700 summoned to interviews with immigration officials.

In his interview, he admitted being in the country illegally and offered a $20,000 bribe for green cards for him and his wife. Neto’s arrest, in turn, led authorities to the 57 employees of his cleaning company — also Brazilians, and also in the country illegally.

This guy can get his hands on 20 grand to score green cards — almost a year’s pay to me — but he can’t afford to get into the country legally?

One of the common rationalizations by the defenders of illegal immigration is that “they’re only doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do.” I happen to know a guy who is trying to start up an office-cleaning business. He keeps losing out on jobs, though, because he keeps getting underbid by competitors who seem to exclusively employ people who don’t speak English. And I’m sure no Americans really mind that their airports (and Logan was the origin of the hijacked 9/11 planes that crashed into and destroyed the World Trade Center towers) are being cleaned by illegal aliens, who have full access to every part of the airport.

And just when I was finished writing this article, a reader calling him/herself “HumanX” e-mailed me a link to this story. Apparently the officials of Jupiter, Florida have also decided to tackle the problems if illegal immigrants head-on by establishing a central assembly point for day laborers.

I’ve said it many times, but I’m gonna keep saying it again and again until someone convinces me that I’m wrong: either ENFORCE THE EXISTING GODDAMNED LAWS ABOUT IMMIGRATION OR CHANGE THEM. At this point, I almost don’t care which they do. But I’m sick and tired of people — especially our ELECTED PUBLIC OFFICIALS — simply choosing to ignore the laws.

Screw it. I’m short of cash. I’m gonna break into my neighbor’s house, do a bit of cleaning up, and then steal some money. After all, I’m just doing the job that they don’t want to do, aren’t I?


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