Royal Wedding Scrapbook

What did we learn today from the subdued civil wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) Parker Bowles Porsche BMW Audi?

First we learned that a royal wedding doesn’t make hideous headdresses any less hideous. In this case the headwear problem seems to be hereditary (Camila left, Laura Bowles right).

Picture / APLaura Parker Bowles (front), Princess Beatrice (top L) and Princess Eugenie leave the Guildhall in Windsor, southern England. Picture / Reuters

Next we learned that unless she’s wearing the royal tumbleweed, the new Duchess of Cornwall is pretty hard to pick out from among the commoners.

Picture / AP

We also learned that Queen Elizabeth still has it. In her toast to the newlyweds she started out with a horse joke. The previous royal recipient of “horse” jokes, Princess Anne, defied the laws of nature and produced this thoroughbred, Zara Phillips:

Picture / AP

And yes we learned that those boys of Diana’s are still cute, or at least William is. No doubt the young Princes both got an eyeful of this

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