Quote Of The Day – Spread The Meme Edition

“What’s happening now is a good thing. But then I have to look at the other consequences of our intervention, America’s standing in the rest of the world, the fact that George W. Bush was booed by people attending the pope’s funeral today when they saw him on television.
And this is not a radical crowd. These were people out for the pope’s funeral.”

Washington Post reporter Harold Meyerson, appearing on PBS’s NewsHour — April 8, 2005. Note that this “booing” has been sourced to a single AP report, and the AP hasn’t always been a reliable fact gather when it comes to booing crowds and the President. They “fact” Meyerson claims has not (to our knowledge) been confirmed by any other source. None of the networks or other news agencies reported it. Still, no reason for that to get in the way of trying to score some political points…

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