The Conspiracy Unmasked

Earlier this week, while discussing my recent vacation, I alluded to a “Top-Secret Meeting.” Now it can be told just what that meeting entailed:

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Somehow, true to form, when I arrived, Kevin had his laptop out and was online. The only thing that would’ve been more ironic was if he had been blogging at the time.

Over some truly excellent pizza, we discussed the past, present, and future of Wizbang; other bloggers Kevin has met; the general state of the world; child-raising stories (my host had accompanied me as native guide, and a couple tales of his 8-year-old daughter seemed relevant), and scads of other wonderful and terribly dull matters. For example, Kevin mentioned he’s considering “interns” to help out around the site, especially on weekends. It was decided (dammit) that, as the token single guy on staff, I should be kept well away from the screening process. Geez, you make one little remark about “bonus points for black berets…”

If there is any lingering doubts about last Friday’s little staged meltdown, let them be dispensed with right now: I, personally, am in for the long haul. I’ve seen a glimpse of where Kevin wants to take this blog, and I want in.

One final note: absolutely nothing should be read into Paul’s absence from the above photo. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that he failed to attend because he is, in reality, a genetically-engineered dwarf hamster in a lab in New Jersey who posts through a cybernetic link implanted into the base of his skull.

Everyone knows Paul lives in New Orleans.

And nor should anyone read any significance to my name now being listed above Paul’s in the credits, as opposed to below, as it was before last Friday. Simple coincidence. Quirk of the listings being alphabetical.


(Private to Paul: go ahead, keep getting your great scoops. I was first to actually talk to Michelle Malkin, and now I’ve had lunch with Kevin. Eat your heart out, Oozing Hamster Boy.)

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