The 10 Spot – Like Riding A Bicycle Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve rolled a 10 Spot, but it’s like the old saying about never forgeting how to ride a bike… Ten stories you may have missed on the internets.

  1. Nothing but 80 point headlines – the lastest winning creation from Nick Denton’s blog labs, Sploid. Their tagline should be, “When reading a second sentance is just too taxing.” [ Sploid]

  2. Over at DailyPundit, Lastango is wondering if Wonkette is now a “fake blog.” I don’t know about fake, but it’s sure as hell is ghost-written blog. [Daily Pundit]

  3. The greatest radio stunt ever, except for the fact that it was kind of gay and not really on the radio. []

  4. Proof a man who represents himself has a fool for a client. [AP]

  5. It’s The Man From Horse, and the women too. [Rueters]

  6. New! Anti Monkey Butt Powder. [PunditGuy]

  7. The Pope is reborn as superhero in the comic book “Incredible Popeman” [AP]

  8. Eliot Spitzer – Attention Whore [Reuters]

  9. Police say Princeton graduate student Michael Lohman cut and took locks of hair from about nine Asian female University students without their knowledge or consent and poured his own bodily fluids into the drinks of Asian female students more than 50 times. [Daily Princetonian]

  10. Mashups go bigtime. [Allah Is In The Poor House]

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