Pardon Our Apprehension

Shuttle launch director Mike Leinbach chats with the media as space shuttle Discovery, right, slowly moves towards the pad at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla,Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2005. Discovery is scheduled for launch no earlier than May 15 on a mission to the international space station carrying a crew of seven.(AP Photo/Terry Renna)

Space Shuttle launch director Mike Leinbach (shown above) chats with the media about a crack that was discovered in the foam insulation on the external fuel tank. The NASA spokesman said the crack was no reason for concern. After sending images of the crack to the tank’s manufacturer in Louisiana, the space agency concluded it did not need to make any repairs.

Hearing the words “crack”, “foam insulation,” and “shuttle” in the same sentence still has us a bit jittery…

Small Crack Delays Space Shuttle Launch [AP]

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